jesus didn’t die so your endgame for asoiaf is that jon and daenerys get the iron throne




We just dont know how this happened.

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I just remembered they killed Xaro Xhoan Daxos in the show it’ll be hilarious if he turns out to be plot relevant or something

Same applies to Jeyne too (not that she was even named the same in the tv series) especially with her unknown pregnancy-or-not state. (I have not read the books yet but I think I heard about that from Sian)

Ah yeah the circumstances surrounding the Westerlings are actually quite suspicious and it’s definitely worth reading Feast for that. But I guess if d&d know the general plot of the series it can’t be too significant after they killed Talisa for shock value? Who knows

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I just remembered they killed Xaro Xhoan Daxos in the show it’ll be hilarious if he turns out to be plot relevant or something

Xaro Xhoan Daxos exposing Stormbrat’s hypocrisy.


Xaro gave a languid shrug. “As it happens, when I came ashore in your sweet city, I chanced to see upon the riverbank a man who had once been a guest in my manse, a merchant who dealt in rare spices and choice wines. He was naked from the waist up, red and peeling, and seemed to be digging a hole.
 “Not a hole. A ditch, to bring water from the river to the fields. We mean to plant beans. The beanfields must have water.”
 “How kind of my old friend to help with the digging. And how very unlike him. Is it possible he was given no choice in the matter? No, surely not. You have no slaves in Meereen.
Dany flushed. “Your friend is being paid with food and shelter. I cannot give him back his wealth. Meereen needs beans more than it needs rare spices, and beans require water.”
 “Would you set my dancers to digging ditches as well? Sweet queen, when he saw me, my old friend fell to his knees and begged me to buy him as a slave and take him back to Qarth.”
She felt as if he’d slapped her. “Buy him, then.

(A Dance with Dragons) 

She is keeping people working against their will only for food and shelter. This is what slavery is. She is flushing, she knows work for food and shelter against the will is slavery which means he caught her red-handed. She knows, but thinks she can justify it with that ~Meereen needs beans~. And “buy him, then”? If he is free, from whom exactly should he buy him?


Seyda Neen


Truth about current day events found in a 1990’s anime.